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Liquid Effect


Liquid toothpaste is 35 percent more effective in preventing cavities that form between teeth than traditional toothpaste, according to new research published in the current issue of Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA).

They found that enamel exposed to the liquid toothpaste had 13 percent more fluoride uptake, which ultimately resulted in surfaces that were 35 percent stronger compared to the similar tooth enamel exposed to traditional toothpaste.

Dr Giniger said, `The reason why liquid dentifrice works better than thicker toothpastes is because thinner fluids can more easily penetrate into narrow spaces. Thus liquid toothpaste works like fluoridated mouth rinses in that they can flow into areas that toothbrush bristles are too big to fit into. `We have found without any question that liquid toothpaste formats outperform pastes.

Anyone who has ever watched how the toothpaste stands on top of the toothbrush can clearly see that the pastes are too thick to penetrate between the tiny spaces between the bristles. Even when diluted with water while brushing, toothpastes remain too gummy to really do an effective job.

Dr Giniger added that liquid products have different foaming properties that give it better plaque removal ability, especially in hard to reach areas that are more prone to cavities.

JADA 8/04

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