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Happy Gas

Happy Gas

We offer Nitrous Oxide aka Happy Gas, as a light and enjoyable means of sedation.

Nitrous oxide, aka laughing gas, has been used for anaesthesia in dentistry since December 1844, where Horace Wells made the first 12–15 dental operations with the gas in Hartford.

In medicine, sometimes a mix of 50% oxygen to 50% nitrous oxide is used. This is known as entonox or, more commonly, “gas and air”.
Typical effects of laughing gas, four levels of sedation can be experienced (after an initial feeling of light-headedness):

  • a tingling sensation, especially in the arms and legs, or a feeling of vibration, quickly followed by
  • warm sensations, and
  • a feeling of well-being, or euphoria and/or floating. During heavier sedation.
  • At a deeper level of sedation again, sleepiness, difficulty to keep one’s eyes open or speak (“dream”) can occur. Should nausea set in, it means you’re definitely over-sedated!

Laughing gas is administered with a modern analgesia machine, which is an automated machine designed to deliver a precisely dosed and breath-actuated flow of nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen, for the patient to inhale safely. The machine is used in dentistry is designed as a simplified version of the larger anaesthetic machine used by hospitals, as it doesn't feature the additional anaesthetic vaporiser and medical ventilator. The purpose of the machine allows for a simpler design, as it only delivers a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen for the patient to inhale, in order to depress the feeling of pain while keeping the patient in a conscious state.

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