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Restorative: It is derived from the verb "to restore". For example, if a tooth is damaged by decay, accident, or a fracture, it is necessary to restore it's shape, color and function. We do this simply by doing a "restoration" on the tooth. If the damage being repaired was small, a filling will do the job.

If most of the tooth has been damaged or lost, a large restoration, known as a crown, is required. 

Types of restoration are as follows:

Fillings: (We are a non-Amalgam practice), They are virtually identical to natural teeth. Being as they are "tooth colored" or white.

Crowns: Crowns become necessary when there is insufficient tooth structure to support a filling.

Bridgework: Bridgework functions like a series of connected crowns, replacing missing teeth by bridging the gap and using the surrounding teeth as supports.