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Cosmetic Dentistry: Discoloured, chipped or missing teeth can affect self-confidence. 

For example, a person may be reluctant to smile with parted lips if they feel their teeth are unattractive, or they may resort to covering their mouth with their hand whenever they laugh. Cosmetic dentistry can make substantial improvements to every kind of smile. 

There are techniques to deal with discoloured, chipped, gapped, crooked or missing teeth. In severe cases, orthodontic treatment may be needed. This is a specialised branch of dentistry that corrects jaw and teeth misalignments with devices such as braces. See your dentist for further information and advice on improving the look of your smile.

A range of techniques are available to improve the smile. These include:

Tooth-coloured fillings, Bleaching, Micro-abrasion, Bonding, Veneers, Crowns and Dental implants.