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Hired and trained on the Job (Dr Sapiro) - 2 years experience.


Completed Infection Control course (September 2009)
Has worked with Dr Tracy for nearly 10 years.


Worked for an Endodontist (Dr Michael Franks ) August 1996- August 2004 as a Senior Dental Nurse.
Certificate 3 in Dental Assisting (Randwick Tafe) June 2003-December 2004 (obtained distinction and credits)
Worked for an Endodontist (Dr Stephen Harlamb & Tim Castrisos) August 2004-March 2005.
Did first aid course December 2004. 


Graduated with Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene at Yonsei University in Korea. 
Dental Hygienist licence: 03/2010
Dental Co-ordinator Certificate: 02/2011
Experience Seoul National University Dental Hospital (Prosthodontics RDH- 1/2010-12/2010)
Ewha Womens University Mokdong Hospital (Orhodontics RDH- 1/2011-05/2011)
Redmyre Dental Clinic Chatswood- 09/2011